Mission Critical

Our Mission Statement outlining our promises to Agencies, bound in a SLA

 SideKick will...
endeavour to provide an unrivalled service focusing on high quality production of your requirement.
deliver your requirement on or before the mutually agreeable deadline. Failure to do so will impose a financial penalty on SideKick that will reduce the fee by 10% (up to maximum of 50%) for every day that the delivery is late.
* subject to terms, see service level agreement
provide quotes far more competitive than standard agencies, contractors or freelancers. In most cases the estimate will be under or near freelance rates.
protect your agency & protect your client by providing public liability insurance (up to £2,000,000) & professional indemnity insurance (up to £100,000). View our latest policy record here.
if requested, on projects that take 5 or more days to complete we will allow a 60 day invoice enabling your agency to get paid first from your client.
 SideKick will not...
contact or poach your clients. If you are an agency then YOU are our clients and we want to make you happy.
disclose any of your private information to any 3rd party. We are happy to sign a reasonable Non-Disclosure agreement that protects your interest and generates peace of mind.
require any recognition for the work undertaken on your project. We would love to portfolio the work on our website for other agencies to view the quality of our service, but this is optional - it's your choice.
invoice your agency for the service until the work we have undertaken is signed-off and delivered. For most projects we issue a 30 day invoice which is normally more than suitable. However for larger projects we are able to offer 60 day invoices to enable your agency to get paid first from your client.
Service Level Agreement