Reliable Digital, Creative &Marketing Services.

SideKick is a team of digital, creative & marketing experts with over 20 years experience in the industry.

SideKick™ provide white-label creative, digital & online marketing services to agencies and end users. We have industry experience & guarantee delivery dates. We are an insured, professional, registered entity that is answerable & liable to a Service Level Agreement.

Competitive rates

SideKick's business model is to focus on the product, and can serve both Agencies and end users. Our presence and established relationships over the last 20+ years see's recurring work from many happy customers. We endeavour to be flexible with costs giving you the option to save money on longer projects and block book time at a lower rates.

Experience, Expertise & Quality

Most of us at SideKick have worked through the ".com boom" and have built a grounding in the creative and digital industries. We have experience in designing for small and large brands alike and building websites, web apps and desktop software in a variety of languages. The team maintain weekly meetings to stay current and on top of new technologies. Over the last 18 months we have embraced "Responsive Development", HTML5 & "Mobile Development" as well as a host of other frameworks. View a full list of our expertise or see some of our previous work.

Service Level Agreement

SideKick's core promise is to deliver projects on time and on budget. We value our agency clients and have been in the business long enough to respect what commitments that they themselves must adhere to. SideKick realise the duty of care and trust that comes with agency to agency relationships and solidify our promise in a Service Level Agreement.

Liability & Indemnity Insured

Our agency clients need peace of mind and no one knows what is around the corner. To be forward thinking, SideKick maintains a public liability insurance policy covering up to £2,000,000 & Professional Indemnity cover up to £100,000. SideKick is an open and honest business. Please feel free to view our liability & insurance certificate.

Responsibility & Non Disclosure

We completely respect the privacy between the agency client and the actual client. SideKick does not pursue any recognition for work undertaken and surrenders any form of appreciation to the agency that commissioned the project. We would love to be able to illustrate the quality of our work to other agencies within our marketing but only with permission from our clients. SideKick is more than happy to sign a part or non-disclosure agreement with our agency clients.

Trusted Network

We maintain a team of talented & respected individuals that have each been in the industry over 15 years. However, working for SideKick is no easy feat. A personal referral from someone already in SideKick's Trusted Network may kickstart a strict recruitment process that includes work history, examples, testing and a formal contract specifying delivery and quality commitment. We are a bunch of creatives & geeks but first & foremost we are a business that must deliver a promise to our clients.