Photography Portfolio Website using HTML5 & jQuery

A Digital project undertaken for an agency representing Thom Atkinson Graphic

Digital  CMS  HTML 5  jQuery & Javascript frameworks  Web Development 

The Project

Thom Atkinson Graphic is based in London and works on projects large and small, with a range of clients, across the UK and mainland Europe.
Thom makes crafted photographs, placing value on care, artistry and on longstanding relationships, whilst satisfying the needs of a modern design industry.

Thom required a portfolio based website with editable CMS where he could display and filter a large number of high quality images on screen.

This posed a certain number of technical challenges to overcome - which we conquered with the help of jQuery and creative use of the DOM.
We built a full scren jQuery based carousel that could swap slides containing 64 thumbnails.

In order to maintain the effect of 3 on screen tiles, it meant that the webpage would have to load a minimum of 192 thumbnails. Of course, this was too slow. Dynamically loading the slides in via AJAX methods was also too slow for the carousel effect. The best method was to use a place holder graphic on the each thumbnail and utilise jQuery's selector methods to manipulate the DOM to replace the thumbnails "src" link each time a slide is queued off-screen. The method worked extremely well and made it possible to continually load a large number of images on a single web page.